Social Services

Contribution of the Trust to Social Causes and Responsibilities:

Gandhi Kusht Ashram, Tahirpur, Shahdara was adopted by Babaji and continues to be given ration items, clothing and other necessities from time to time. The maintenance of the complex is also undertaken by the Trust as and when required.

L.R.S. Institute of Chest and Respiratory Diseases, Mehrauliís modern Rs. 1 crore Intensive Care Unit was built by Babaji.

Rain Water Harvesting has been done by installing 12 rain water recharge pits in the mandir complex. Diversion of rain water into two dry wells has also been taken up.

Energy Audit has been done and incandescent bulbs have been replaced with CFL bulbs and electronic tube lights.

Contribution to National and other Causes Continuing the good work started by Pujya Babaji, the Trust has contributed to the following in the recent times:
Social Services

The Trust makes regular contributions, both in cash and kind, to several religious institutions including temples, Dargahs etc. It celebrates the birthday of Guru Nanak Devji every year. The Trust also makes regular monthly payments to widows, whose families have been attached to the Mandir for a long time. It supports persons who are sick or have suffered injury during service in the mandir. The entire complex of Gandhi Kushth Ashram was got renovated recently by the Trust and supply of food articles is made for 100 families of the Ashram at the end of each Navratra.